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⁣Say La V empowers women to unapologetically embrace their Vulvas, promoting a shame-free approach. Our mission is to encourage proactive care for the personal and powerful part of you – your Vulva! At Say La V, our women-led team is devoted to providing safe, science-backed Vulva skincare for everyday wellness. We believe the Vulva is powerful and beautiful, often overlooked despite its integral role in our identity and well-being. This inspired the creation of Veauty™ – skincare tailored specifically for your Vulva! Keeping it real with authentic conversations and open dialogue, we foster a community where knowledge is power, confidence is key, and Vulva skincare is the norm. Join us in changing the conversation. Say La V products boast natural skincare ingredients and bacteria-balancing prebiotics, rigorously tested by top-notch Dermatologists and Gynecologists for your most sensitive skin http://healthalmanac.net/sensi....tive-skin-solutions- Recognizing the unique needs of your Vulva skin, our formulations address disruptions caused by your period, workouts, and even intimacy. In a world where the Vulva is sometimes sidelined, Say La V stands as a beacon of empowerment and self-care. Join us in celebrating the strength and beauty of every Vulva. Say La V – where your Vulva's well-being is our priority. For more details about our products, visit our online site at https://www.heysaylav.com/prod....ucts/nourishing-veau & https://www.heysaylav.com/blogs/news

Address: 24903 Ave Kearny, Valencia, California, 91355, USA


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