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Know all about Retinol for a Youthful Skin #retinol #antiaging - Dr. Arundathi N | Doctors' C

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Dr. Arundathi N | Phone 📞 :08041156870 (Online & in-person appointment can be booked online or by call) | Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist, Anti Ageing Medicine
Sculpt Aesthetic Clinic, Indiranagar and Sahakarnagar, Bengaluru, India
If you tell me you want to keep your skincare simple, you don't want to be following a very complicated routine, you don't want to do too many things to your skin. But you want the bare minimum, bare necessity to keep your skin healthy and youthful, I would say choose a cleanser that' right for your skin type, choose a moisturizer that's right for your skin type'. Use a moisturizer often, use a sunscreen most important and finally I would say use the retinoid. Retinoids are superstar molecules that can do a host of different things. They can reduce the damage from sun exposure on your skin, they can reduce the breakdown of collagen in your skin and increase the production. They can increase the amount of elastin present in your skin and make you skin, keeping your skin firm. They can also reduce pigmentation and inflammation. They can also reduce oil production. So what does this mean for your skin? So it can keep you skin looking youthful. It can reduce the appearance of fine lines and can reduce the size of pores on skin. It can reduce any pigmentation that you might have on your skin. It also can enhance the ability to make your skin appear less oily and also reduce acne. There are different forms of retinoids . So basically there is this tretinoin or retinoic acid that is a prescription product. Only a doctor can prescribe the product to you. Then there are some other forms of retinoid that can be available as over the counter products such as retinol which is the most common and most popular retinoid and there can be retinaldehyde and retinyl palmitate. So in order of potency the tretinoin is the most potent, followed by retinaldehyde and then comes retinol and then finally the retinyl esters or such as the retinyl palmitate, etc. Though they vary in potency, it doesn't mean that one is more effective than the other or one is effective and the other one is less effective. So you can choose a retinoid based on what your skin is like and what your skin can tolerate at that point in time. So basically retinol is a good point to start with because it can suit most skin types expect for those who have extremely dry and sensitive skin. It can be a good starting point in your retinoid journey. To know more in detail, watch the video.

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